There is plenty to visit around Naxxar: The Famous Palazzo Parisio and the Mini Versaille Gargens, the main parish church, several Old Chapels, Old fortifications, The Cart Ruts, The Mosta Dome. There are very nice wine bars, cafes where you and sit out in the sun and enjoy a coffee and Maltese pastries, the Palace restaurant and many other good restaurants in Naxxar and Mosta which is only 10 minutes walk away from Naxxar. 

The Palazzo Parisio is only a few minutes walk from Knights in Malta. Palazzo Parisio is a splendid stately home immersed in history and an architectural gem with unique luxurious interior finishings. It is the result of the vision and passion of one exceptional man, Marquis Giuseppe Scicluna, whose great granddaughter, Christiane Ramsay Scicluna, Baroness of Tabria, is responsible for the grand restoration. Palazzo Parisio was originally built and designed in1733 by the Portuguese Grand Master Manoel de Vilhena, who ruled Malta during part of the Knights of St. John’s stay

Mdina is Malta’s Medieval Jewel. It’s distinctive narrow winding streets sheltered by imposing walls of nobles houses are simply beautiful and suggestive to stroll in. Hardly any signs of modern development are noticeable and the lamp-lit evenings are surreal. A number of attractions related to its history are well worth visiting and you also get the best views of Malta from here.

Spring, Autumn and most of winter offer the perfect climate to talk long walks around and about Naxxar. The Maltese countryside has gentle hillsides, dramatic cliffs, isolated seaside inlets and secluded pathways are begging to be explored. Coastal towers, wayside chapels, indigenous wild fauna along typical rubble walls and rugged garigue with sweeping coastal views are a gratifying way to explore Malta 

 Come to Sunny Malta and enjoy the Malta Firework Festival. Malta is a Mediterrianean Centre of Firework Activities.  All villages in Malta celebrate a "Festa" featuring beautiful Fireworks. Once a year there is a magnificent Firework Festival takes place. We can book your tickets in advance and accommodate you at Nights in Malta for your to enjoy this magnificant spectacle

Images of the Streets and Alleys in Naxxar
Dine at the Palace Restaurant , it's at the end of Triq St Lucija
The Famous Palazzo Parisio, at the end of the road